hEALTH AND NUTRITION EDUCATION SERVICES for FAMILIEs / childcare providers / ECE / healthcare providers 

What is included in the "Back in Whack Program Starter Package for HCP"?
Program promotional materials, documentation forms, billing and diagnosis codes, healthcare provider training, plus more. Click HERE  to learn more about the program starter package. 

What is the next step our clinic should take after we have received the "Back in Whack Program Starter Package for HCP"?
Put the Back in Whack Program Resources CD for HCP in a computer. Open and print all of the materials (documentation forms, cue cards, billing resource, etc.) and make a file or notebook for these materials. Next, contact the staff at Positive Patterns for Life, LLC and set up the initial live training session for your clinic. 

How can our clinic order the Back in Whack blended program? 
Print off and complete the Back in Whack Blended Program Order Form. Mail it to Positive Patterns for Life, LLC along with your payment.  Click HERE to print a copy of the Back in Whack Blended Program Order Form.

Positive Patterns for Life, LLC only ships Back in Whack Blended Packs to clinics after one or more qualified healthcare professionals have completed the Healthcare Provider Back in Whack Training.  This company policy is necessary in order to ensure consistent program implementation and to ensure successful program outcomes throughout all healthcare clinics where this pediatric weight management program is utilized.  

Do you have unanswered questions about the Back in Whack blended program for healthcare settings?
Email Positive Patterns for Life, LLC via the CONTACT US link. If you have lots of questions, staff from Positive Patterns for Life, LLC will arrange a phone conference with your clinic to ensure all of you questions are answered. 



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The Back in Whack blended program utilizes a combination of clinic-based education and physical assessment paired 

with a home-based nutrition education DVD series and telephonic health coaching with the clinic’s health coach. 

How does the Back in Whack blended program work?

FIRST - The parent makes an appointment for their child/teen's initial clinic visit. When the initial clinic visit is scheduled, they receive the Back in Whack program introduction packet.  SECOND-  The parent and child/teen watch the program introduction DVD, complete the self-discovery exercises and fill out the health questionnaire prior to the initial clinic visit. THIRD - The child/teen shows up, with their parent, for their first clinic visit. At this appointment, the child/teen will receive a short physical exam, a lifestyle       habits assessment, a backpack full of program materials, and an explanation about how to use the program materials. 

What is the next step after the Back in Whack program training is completed?

Decide what age group(s) [kids 6 - 11 years or teens 12 - 18 years] your clinic is going to offer the program to, and how many youth you want to initially enroll in the program. Place your order for Back in Whack Blended Packs accordingly. There are several last minute details to take care of while you are waiting for your order of Back in Whack Blended Packs to arrive. Make sure the billing department is ready to start billing for the clinic visits and phone consultation calls. Set up a tentative schedule for the Certified Back in Whack Coach to see children/teens for their initial clinic visits. Make copies of program promotional materials (i.e. Prescription for a Healthy Weight and Back in Whack clinic flier), cue cards, documentation forms, parent letters, and program contracts. Put copies of the Prescription for a Healthy Weight in your pediatric exam rooms where they will be readily available for physicians to use to talk to parents and youth about weight management issues and treatment options.

What is included in the Back in Whack Healthcare Provider Training? 
Clinic staff will receive two hours of live training via teleconference, Skype conference, or webinar. There is also a six-hour self-study course that walks staff through the program materials. Upon completion of the training program, staff will know how to implement the Back in Whack program into the clinic. They will be able to confidently provide health counseling and program guidance for parents and youth. They will have learned how to accurately document and bill for counseling encounters. Trained staff will receive a certificate verifying that they are now a Certified Back in Whack Coach. BUT THAT'S NOT ALL ... Click HERE to see a detailed list of topics and information included in the training. 

FORTH - It is time for the child/teen and 

parent to go home and start watching the

educational DVDs and completing the

corresponding activities. Forth, go home, watch the educational DVD and complete the corresponding activities.  FIFTH - The child/teen shows up, with their parent, for their second clinic visit. At this appointment, the child/teen will receive a personalized nutrition plan, a nutrition education DVD set, and more program materials.  SIXTH - The child/teen go home, watch the nutrition DVDs, complete the corresponding activities, and follow the nutrition plan. By the time the DVD series  are  completed,  the child/teen will have developed their own personalized nutrition and fitness program.  LASTLY - The child/teen’s BMI starts dropping as new healthy habits become permanent healthy habits. Youth follow their personal nutrition and fitness program for the next four to five months and the parent continues to encourage and provide moral support for the youth.  The clinic's health coach continues to provide ongoing program support via telephonic health coaching and/or follow-up clinic visits. 

What do we need to do to get the Back in Whack program started at our clinic?  
First, your clinic will need to decide which physician is going to provide oversight for this   pediatric weight management program and which qualified licensed healthcare provider(s) will complete the training to become the clinic's Certified Back in Whack Coach. Next, your clinic will need to order the "Back in Whack Program Starter Package for HCP".
            Note - qualified licensed healthcare provider(s) need to have "health education" included as

                        part of their scope of practice (i.e. registered nurses or registered dietitians).