hEALTH AND NUTRITION EDUCATION SERVICES for FAMILIEs / childcare providers / ECE / healthcare providers 

Course 5 - Getting young children to eat healthy food

☐   Actions to diminish food battles

☐   Tips for introducing new foods

☐   Enthusiasm is contagious  

☐   Cooking with kids

☐   Nutrition education opportunities

Healthy Nutrition for Infants and Young Children  

Healthy Nutrition for Infants and Young Children provides valuable useful information for anyone working with infants and young children.  The entire program can be ordered on CD for the low cost of $8.95. The courses and materials on the CD can be used by multiple individuals. This makes the program an economical way for preschools and childcare centers to provide onsite training for their staff. There are 7 STARS hours available for early childhood educators and daycare providers in Wyoming. The program comes with a CD that contains the following:

  • 7 one-hour courses which include a power point presentation, handouts, and course exams;
  • Classroom resources for preschool aged children;
  • Online nutrition resources;
  • STARS form for course credit [Wyoming only]; and
  • Order form for STARS credits [$10.00 per credit].


Healthy Nutrition for Infants and Young Children Courses and Course Content:

Course 4 - Healthy foods and healthy eating habits

☐   Healthy choices from the FIVE food groups

☐   Foods to avoid – sugar, HFCS, and trans fats

☐   Feeding responsibilities - parent’s and child’s

☐   Family style meals

Course 1 - Infants

☐   Growth patterns

☐   Developmental milestones associated with feeding

☐   Nutritional needs

☐   Breast and bottle feeding

☐   Starting solids

☐   Safely issues related to feeding

Course 7 - Physical activity

☐   Benefits of physical activity

☐   Physical activity guidelines for Infants, Toddlers, and Preschoolers

☐   Support developmental milestones with age  appropriate physical activities

Course 2 - Toddlers and preschoolers

☐   Growth patterns

☐   Developmental milestone associated with feeding

☐   Nutritional needs

☐   Feeding habits

☐   Safety issues related to feeding

Course 3 - Special health concerns

☐   Failure to Thrive

☐   Iron deficient anemia  

☐   Lead poisoning

☐   ADD and ADHD

Course 6 - Promoting a healthy weight

☐   Definition of childhood obesity

☐   Health issues related to childhood obesity

☐   Contributing factors to childhood obesity

☐   Healthy nutrition habits

☐   Positive parenting habits

☐   Healthy lifestyle habits