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Has your clinic been thinking about putting together a class for overweight youth? Positive Patterns for Life, LLC has group-based program format for the Back in Whack pediatric weight management program. This program format is a 12-week weight management class for groups which comes with a set of educational DVDs, a facilitator's guide, participant manuals, and backpacks filled with program materials for youth. The program is easy to use and is loaded with fun interactive activities that engage youth in the program and make them want to keep coming back for more.  Click HERE to learn more about Back in Whack's weight management class for groups. 

provides a list of these obesity related health issues to help parents understand why you (the healthcare provider) are concerned about their children/teen's moderate- to high-risk BMI. 

The second part of the form is titled "Prescription for a Healthy Weight" which provides parents with a list of 6 key habits that can help children/teens attain a healthier weight. The 6 key habits are clearly written and easy to understand. In less than 2 minutes you can educate a parent and youth about how their BMI is putting them at risk and what they can do about it. 

Fremont County Pediatric Clinic in Lander, Wyoming has been using this tool for a couple of years. This tool has proven to be a time-efficient effective method, to discuss and address a very sensitive health topic. It has helped the clinic comply with best practices for pediatric care. Most importantly, the clinic has seen children/teens'  BMIs  decrease, over a 6 to 12 month period, after clinic providers have explained and signed the "Prescription for a Healthy Weight."  

This easy-to-use tool can have a positive impact on the quality of care you provide for overweight and obese youth in your practice.  Click HERE to download your free copy of this valuable clinic tool. 



Pediatric offices, healthcare clinics, and public health offices can implement an effective evidence-based pediatric weight management program into their practice with as little as eight hours of staff training. Positive Patterns for Life, LLC offers a blended program format for the Back in Whack pediatric weight management program. The blended program format utilizes a combination of clinic-based education and physical assessment paired with home-based education and follow-up phone calls. The program comes with staff training, documentation forms, participant materials, coding for reimbursement of services, and much more.

Imagine being able to provide a program that improves and supports the health of your pediatric patients, receive reimbursement for the program, and draw positive attention and new patients to your practice. Click HERE to learn more about Back in Whack's blended program option for pediatric offices, healthcare clinics, and public health offices.


Positive Patterns for Life, LLC has a two-part clinic tool titled "Promote Healthy Weight Youth" which helps providers approach the sensitive topic of childhood obesity with gentle tactfulness. The top portion of the tool has an area for providers to write in the child/teen's BMI. The tool clarifies level of risk that the child/teen is at for developing obesity related health issues (i.e. 85th to 94th percentile is moderate risk and above the 94th percentile is high risk). The tool