Back in Whack Home Pack

The Back in Whack Home Pack is a home-based weight management program which gets mailed directly to your home. The home pack comes with a set of DVDs, participant manual, and twelve other program materials.  Parents and kids will enjoy learning about healthy eating, fun fitness activities, healthy lifestyle habits, and exciting tools that support new health habits as they work through the program materials in the comfort of their own home. 

How does the program work?

Laurie Jean Ellis, Health and Nutrition Educator and Certified Health Coach, guides parents/children

and teens through this home-base weight management program via an interactive DVD series.  The

Back in Whack participant manual supports the DVD series with a variety of hands-on activities, habit

change skills, self-discovery exercises, treasure hunts, field trips, and  several other activities that

promote ownership in the learning process. Children (with parental oversight) and teens develop their

own personal health and nutrition plan as they watch the DVDs and complete the activities in the

Back in Whack participant manual. 

How long does it take to complete the program?

The Back in Whack program contains 12 sessions. Each session takes about 30 minutes to watch and complete the corresponding activities. It is recommended that youth only watch and complete 1 session per day, and there are recommended breaks between certain sessions. It typically takes anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks for youth to complete the program materials and finalize their personal health and nutrition plan. It is recommended that youth follow this plan for about 4 months or until their new healthy habits become established automatic habits. 

What will children and teens learn?

Youth learn about how their bodies use the food they eat for energy; What a balanced diet is; How to make healthy food and drink choices; Skills that help support habit change; Types and amounts of food that their bodies need to grow tall, strong, and healthy; How to find enjoyable ways to get their bodies moving more; How to use tools that support habit change; How habit change starts in the brain; How to choose successful goals; How to stay motivated; plus lots more. Look at the table of contents for Back in Whack for Kids OR Back in Whack for Teens to learn more about content covered in the program. 

What can parents learn from the program?

How to shop on a budget; How to be a healthy role model for children and teens; How to best support and motivate their child or teen during habit change; How to make healthier recipes; How to get children and teens more involved in the kitchen; How to get children excited about eating their vegetables; How to develop a week's worth of healthy menus with corresponding shopping list; How to get the whole family to adopt healthier habits; How to get moving more with their child or teen; and How to develop a transition plan to replace unhealthy foods in the kitchen with healthy foods. 

What is the difference between Back in Whack for Kids and Back in Whack for Teens?  

Back in Whack for Kids is a program that speaks mostly to the parent with lots of activities to help children learn how to eat healthier and get their bodies moving more. The parent must be in the drivers seat of a child's weight management program. 

Parent involvement is essential for program success for children. Back in Whack for Teens primarily

speaks to the teen. Parental support increases a teen's success with their weight management

program, but it is not essential for program success. The teen program encourages parental

involvement in the program. 

What if there is more than one child/teen in a family that needs this program?
Additional program materials can be ordered with the Back in Whack Home Pack. When the home

pack arrives, additional copies of self-discovery activities and worksheets can be made from the

participant manual for each child/teen in the family. 

Can other family members get involved with the program?

YES!! Back in Whack is family friendly program and contains multiple ideas and activities to get the

whole family involved in adopting healthier eating and physical activity habits.

What if other family members want their own nutrition plan?

Other family members can request a nutrition plan from Positive Patterns for Life, LLC by completing the Back in Whack Nutrition Plan Order Form in the participant manual. The Back in Whack nutrition plan is specifically designed for youth with a high BMI (body mass index) and these plans are not appropriate for youth with a normal BMI [5th to the 84th percentile]. Children and teens with normal BMIs will be referred to to retrieve an appropriate nutrition plan. Click HERE to calculate child/teen's BMI. 

My child/teen has a normal BMI but they have horrible eating and lifestyle habits. Can this program be used to help my child/teen adopt healthier habits?  

YES!! This is a nutrition and fitness program that can help any child or teen adopt healthier eating and lifestyle habits for a lifetime.  This program helps all youth live healthier happier longer lives. The only part of this program that is not appropriate for a child or teen with a normal BMI, is the nutrition plan. If you order this program for a child/teen with a normal BMI, you will be referred to to retrieve an appropriate nutrition plan for a child/teen with a normal BMI. 

What results can we expect to see and when will we see results? 

Eating and lifestyle habits improve as youth complete the program and follow their 

personal health and nutrition plan. Healthier eating and lifestyle habits support

the attainment and maintenance of a healthy weight (lower BMI). The BMI of

youth will begin to improve within six months as follows:

  • Weight stabilizes as a child or tween or growing-teen grows taller. Weight                                                                                  stabilization in growing youth will lower the BMI. This is usually the most                                                                                      appropriate method of improving the BMI for youth who are still growing taller. 
  • Weight loss is appropriate for the teen who has finished growing taller. One                                                                                              pound per week is a reasonable and healthy pace to reduce weight. Teens                                                                                        should not drop more than 2 pounds per week.

How successful has the program been for other children and teens?

The Back in Whack Program has proven to be a very successful program for children and teens who complete the program as follows: 

  • 100% of youth who complete all twelve sessions of the program adopt healthier eating and lifestyle habits; and 
  • 90% of youth who follow the program for 4 months develop long lasting healthier habits and decrease their BMI. Long lasting healthy habits help to further decrease a high BMI over the next couple years and help youth maintain a lower BMI and healthier weight as they become an adult.

Most youth who begin the program but don't complete all twelve sessions, do adopt healthier eating and/or lifestyle habits. Long term results are inconsistent. Some youth maintain these healthy habits and lower their BMIs. Other youth abandon these healthy habits and return to their unhealthy eating and activity patterns. 

Why haven't 100% of the youth, who completed and followed the program for 4 months, experienced a lower BMI?

Sometimes health issues interfere with energy balance and make it difficult for youth to lower their BMI. Hypothyroidism (slow thyroid function), food allergies, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), sleep apnea, fatty liver disease, and chronic stress are some of the more common health issues that interfere with energy balance and prevent youth from attaining a healthier weight and lower BMI.

Do I need to tell our family doctor or pediatrician that my child/teen will be starting a weight management program?

It is a REALLY good idea! Your child/teen's doctor may want to get some baseline measurements (i.e. height, weight, pulse, blood pressure) and run some tests (i.e. fasting blood sugar, lipid panel, liver panel, thyroid function tests) before your child/teen begins the program. If your child/teen suffers from serious complication(s) resulting from the excess weight, his/her doctor will need to provide guidance regarding a safe level of physical activity for your child/teen. Also, the doctor will want to make a note in your child/teen's medical record about the weight management program. Give the doctor periodic progress reports as your child/teen works through the program.  If improvements in your child/teen’s BMI are not seen in six months, the doctor may consider more intensive treatment measures for your child/teen's high BMI (i.e. caloric restricted diets 900 – 1,200 calories and/or medication).

There is a handout in the front of the Back in Whack participant manual titled "Letter to the Physician." This letter briefly explains the Back in Whack program to physicians. It is recommended that you give this letter to your family doctor or pediatrician. 

Is there extra help available if my child/teen is experiencing struggles during the program? 

You can use the contact form on this website to email questions to a certified health coach. 

How much does the Back in Whack Home Pack Program cost?

The home pack costs $69 plus shipping and handling. In addition to the program materials, your child/teen could receive a free program completion gift.

How can we order our Back in Whack Home Pack Program?  Click HERE to download the Back in Whack Home Pack order form.

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