hEALTH AND NUTRITION EDUCATION SERVICES for FAMILIEs / childcare providers / ECE / healthcare providers 

Back in Whack ​Program Materials

The Back in Whack Parent-Youth Contract is a place where parents and youth can develop a written contract about how they will work cooperatively together.  Parent-youth contracts increase accountability, cooperation, and help diminish conflict between parents and youth during a potentially stressful time. 

​​Mighty messages are a type of positive self-talk. Positive self-talk has been shown to effectively support new habits. Children/parents  and teens are taught how to practice mighty messages. The poster and pocket cards serve as an effective method to keep positive, habit supporting messages in a child/teen's conscious thought. 

The Back in Whack Participant Manuals contain over 100 pages of self-discovery exercises, hands-on activities, educational handouts, family activities, treasures hunts, recipes, shopping tips, online resources and much more.

Back in Whack Food and Activity Diary

Serving Size Measure Cup Set

The nutrition plan comes with a set of Color Coded Food Cards which contain the correct number of servings for each food group listed on the child/teen’s nutrition plan (i.e. 3 yellow fruit cards, 4 pink meat/protein cards, 3 milk/dairy cards, etc.). 

The Back in Whack DVD set contains twelve 20-minute sessions which walk the parents and youth through the steps of developing their own personal health and nutrition plan. The DVDs and participant manual are designed to be used together. There is a separate DVD set for children (not shown here). 

Back in Whack program materials come in a convenient drawstring backpack.

The Storybook Journal for children and the Back in Whack Journal teens support successful long lasting habit change. Youth are encouraged to write about changes they are making, good and bad parts of their journey, things they like and dislike, and how they feel about the different changes they are making. Youth are encouraged to write in their journals most every day.

The Nutrition Plan utilizes current dietary guidelines and reference standards for a balanced diet with a variety of healthy food choices. Calorie counts are tailored to children/teens' specific age and gender. The nutrition plan is designed to lower high BMIs (body mass indexes) and is not appropriate for children and teens with normal BMIs. 

"Mighty Messages" Poster for Children (11X17 inches)                       "Mighty Messages" Pocket Cards for Teens (set of 16 cards)

The Back in Whack Healthy Habits Goals Chart is a six-month calendar-style chart. It is an important habit change tool which helps youth monitor program success. The Goals Chart is loaded with healthy habits, mighty messages, inspirational sayings, achievement stickers (100 count), and spaces to track health measurements. 

The program comes with a highlighter/pen for youth to use to complete activities; a measuring tape to keep track of key body measurements; and a “Make Healthy Choices” Bracelet for youth to wear on the wrist of the hand they eat with. The bracelet actually helps increase the desire to eat healthy foods and decreases the desire to eat unhealthy foods.