hEALTH AND NUTRITION EDUCATION SERVICES for FAMILIEs / childcare providers / ECE / healthcare providers 


Quality nutrition, healthy eating habits, a physically active body, and a positive focus are the foundation to health, happiness and longevity. Positive Patterns for Life, LLC has a Certified Health Coach (CHC) who specializes in childhood/family nutrition and lifestyle habits education. Laurie Jean Ellis, MS, BSN, RN, CHC has presented healthy lifestyle trainings at retreats, summer camps, and seminars. Laurie's presentations are full of fun hands on activities, insightful self-discovery exercises, engaging group interaction combined with loads of useful, easy to understand information.

Common Agenda Topics for Children and Teens:

  • Healthy eating habits; 
  • Balanced diets for children and teens;
  • Healthy lifestyle habits;
  • Body acceptance and appreciation;
  • Getting and staying motivated for healthy changes;
  • Staying on track with new health habits; and
  • How to make new habits stick.

Additional Topics for Christian Groups

Healthy living is God's will for each one of His children. The Bible is loaded with scripture about God's will for health and how we should take care of our bodies. Addition agenda topics for christian groups include:

  • God's will for health and healing;
  • How God wants us to take care of our physical bodies; and
  • Think positive - learn what God says about focusing on the positive.

Additional Agenda Topics for Families:

  • Getting the whole family involved with adopting healthier habits;
  • Getting the whole family moving more and have fun doing it;
  • Cooking with children and teens;
  • Getting kids excited about healthy eating;
  • Healthy snack ideas;
  • Tweaking recipes for healthier meals;
  • Teaming up for meal planning; 
  • How to make a blueprint for a healthier kitchen; and
  • How parents can be healthy role models for children and teens.

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